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President's Commitment to Health and Safety

A core value of ElectriCom is to foster a safe, healthy, and secure environment to achieve an incident-free workplace. ElectriCom is responsible for conducting safe operations, protecting our exposed employees, customers, and communities who may encounter our activities. It is the responsibility of me as the ElectriCom President and all Executive leadership to promote and ensure the safety of our workplace; it is the responsibility of all employees to work as a team in the implementation of the ElectriCom Safety Program.

Safety is an integral part of each job. Full participation, cooperation, and support are all necessary and expected to ensure the health, safety, and security of all employees, customers, and communities. "Safety" is ensuring that every person returns home every day safe and secure to their loved ones and community. A trained, dedicated, and committed workforce with a community-driven mindset is the key to our success. We are working together every day to build every project with quality, safety, and appreciation for our employees, customers, and communities.

Focus 5

We are constantly working towards effective and innovative ways to assure that our employees are recognizing potential hazards and either removing them or adjusting our work to mitigate them. Once such way is to focus on broad subjects that are pertinent to the work that we perform.

  • Fall Protection – Aerial Lifts; Tree Climbing; Pole Climbing; Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Electrical Hazards – Minimum Approach Distances; Grounding; Qualified Line Clearance; Strike Prevention
  • Excavations – Protective Systems; Hazard Recognition; Competent Person; 5-4-3-2-1 Rule
  • Traffic Control – Roadside Work; MUTCD; Signage; Flagging; Barricading
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Hand, Eye, Head, and Hearing Protection; Conspicuity Clothing; Inspection and Maintenance


Before any employee can set foot on an ElectriCom worksite, they are obligated to undergo a thorough safety orientation. In addition to this initial training, every year, ElectriCom’s employees attend quarterly trainings which cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: Traffic Control, Fall Protection, Electrical Hazard Awareness, 1st Aid/CPR, PPE, Fire Protection, and Personal Protective Equipment.

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