At ElectriCom, we value Safety, Productivity, and Quality, with Safety being Priority ONE.  We strive to integrate Safety into every aspect of utility construction, from the bid to the clean-up.  We aim to complete all projects without an accident, injury, near-miss, or property damage incident.  We strongly believe this is an accomplishable goal, which is why we focus heavily on hazard recognition, avoidance, and awareness training for employees at all levels.  We provide our workforce with formal training courses including, OSHA 10 & 30 hour, First Aid/CPR, Temporary Traffic Control, and Certified Flagger training to name a few.  Daily Safety briefs and tool box talks are a regular part of our safety effort.

Focus 5

This year ElectriCom has introduced its FOCUS 5 initiative.  FOCUS 5 is a Companywide emphasis program focusing on 5 hazardous operations & activities.  Over the next year, these 5 operations & activities will be targeted during job-site observations and audits.  Future training sessions will be based around the FOCUS 5 and other areas of concern as needed.

  1. Fall Protection
  2. Trenching/Excavation
  3. Electrical Hazards
  4. Temporary Traffic Control
  5. Personal Protective Equipment

The FOCUS 5 initiative was developed to help our workforce identify & understand the hazards they face on a daily basis.  We have chosen these 5 hazard categories due to the severity of risks associated.  Four out of the five categories are ranked by OSHA as the most common activities that result in worker injuries and fatalities annually.  Why does this matter to us?  At any given day on any given jobsite, an ElectriCom crew is performing at least one if not more of these hazardous activities.  It starts with Awareness.  Awareness of the dangers associated with our daily work.


Over the past three years, the number of Safety Professionals employed has increased from one to four.  ElectriCom is now equipped with a full service Safety Department.  We have Safety Department Representatives located in the Midwest, Mid-South, and Florida.  This enables us the ability to provide timely training and to keep abreast of ever-changing federal and state safety regulations.  The growth of the Safety Department is just one more demonstration of our ongoing commitment to Safety.


Over the past few years, ElectriCom has successfully reduced its Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) by over 50%.  We have also seen substantial improvements with the Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and the Days Away, Restriction, and Transfers Rate (DART).