Power Services

ElectriCom’s Power Division has been constructing facilities for over 50 years. Our highly trained crews and experienced Supervisors offer safe, reliable power builds that yield superior quality and performance in a variety of settings. Our services include:

  • Distribution and light transmission construction
  • Substation construction
  • Highly skilled performance in both aerial and buried settings
  • Directional Drilling

Customer Base

While our customer base tends to be in the Midwest, we will travel to meet the needs of clients. We have helped in the restoration of electrical services in Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania after major hurricane damage caused by Hurricanes Rita, Isaac and Sandy over the past several years. ElectriCom also provided much needed assistance to the residents of Southern Indiana following the devastating 2009 Ice Storm as well as the deadly Tornado that rocked parts of the area in the spring of 2012. We’ve also participated in numerous other power restoration projects following both man-made and natural disasters.

Maintaining Excellence

ElectriCom prides itself in both the safety and the training of its workforce. ElectriCom sends an average of four employees a year to the Rural Electric Apprentice Program (REAP.) This intensive program offers thorough electrical training modules as well as adequate emphasis on OJT, (on the job training.) Some of the topics learned in this program include;

  • Basic Climbing Advanced Climbing Bucket Material/Hot Line Regulator
  • Staking Underground Substation Meter
  • Rubber Glove School Correspondence Study Program

To qualify for this “Journeyman’s Certificate,” each attendee completes 576 class hours and accumulates 8,000 hours of on the job training. ElectriCom has 45 employees in various capacities in its Power Division. Currently, 11 workers have the designation of “Journeyman Lineman” status with another 5 in school. Our company finds itself in the enviable position of having an extremely experienced management team combined with an energetic, well-trained work staff.


ElectriCom’s reliability and quality equal any in the power construction field. We have offered the same dependable service since 1960. You can count on us to be there when you need us for all the right connections.

“Warren County REMC has used the services of ElectriCom’s Power Services Division for over 40 years, which I believe, indicated we have been very satisfied with their work. They have always produced quality work and did it in a safe manner. The best way to sum it up? They are just good people who do a good job.”

Philip High, General Manager, Warren County REMC, Williamsport, Indiana

“Trust Us to Build Your Future”