From Kevin’s Corner

We’re approximately half way through 2018 and Electricom is having another successful year.  We are slightly behind where we would like to be due to an unusually wet winter.  But, our revenue is still up from last year despite the weather issues.  Our backlog of work remains strong, particularly within the Telecom Division.  Demand for aerial fiber construction is extremely high right now.  All of our markets are doing well though.  The Power and Right-of-Way Divisions were probably the most impacted by the winter, but still are expected to have very good years.  Our Gas Distribution Division will likely have their best year, as they continue to be a growing component of our business.  We are thankful that we have so many customers who trust us to do their work.

What’s new at Electricom?  We recently started providing a new service to locate and test the integrity of existing sewer lines by inserting a camera into the lines.   It’s not a pretty sight, but a very effective way to protect and ensure the integrity of the sewer system.   We believe Electricom will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years, and it’s critical that we expand and improve our back office support to keep up with the expected growth.  To that end, we have added three new members to our management team.  Joseph Kirby joined our organization in May as the Sr. Director of Safety and Risk Management, Thomas shock will be coming on board in July as our Director of IT, and at the end of this year Kirby Stailey will be joining us as Director of DOT Compliance.  We are extremely pleased that these individuals have agreed to join our organization, and we look forward to their contributions to make Electricom a safer, more productive company.